Majid Jordan wears ISNURH

Looking back at what we’ve achieved.

Lately we took our time to look back on what we have achieved with ISNURH so far. And one of the most memorable experiences still goes to our meeting with Majid Jordan (signed by OVO – The Drake). 

After spending countless hours creating our very first collection AW18. We got a call from one of our good friends, that he was about to tour manage Majid Jordan. Since we have been listening to these guys through the entire process of making this collection, we couldn’t refuse the offer of going to Oslo to meet them. So we went directly to the web and bought our tickets to the Oslo ferry. 

We had the chance to meet and greet the 2 guys before they got ready to hit the stage at VULKAN arena Oslo. We took our chance to show them our, at that time, humble collection. All hand sewn designs and the only samples we had. 

10 mins after we were standing 5 meters from the stage, enjoying both Majid and Jordan preforming in ISNURH outfits. This was our first endorsement ever, and still the biggest one.

What did we learn from this experience?

This experience has without a doubt implemented the “just do it” mentality in all of our endeavours since. It has given us the belief that the passion behind ISNURH can bring us to many places and accomplishments. This was our first big endorsement, and we have had many of great experiences since then. The numerous of people we have met has not only given us a greater network, but also good friends and sources of inspiration to keep on striving our goals and creating beautiful garments. 

Today we have extended our services to do custom made orders in order to fulfil special needs. Artists who needs one of a kind pieces or private people who wants something that fits perfectly to their bodytype and style (made to measure). Since we are already constructing all samples in house, we thought “why not use this skill to meet customers special needs”. 

If you have any special inquiries, please don’t hesitate to throw us an email:


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