Returns policy - Isnurh
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If your purchase isn’t quite right you have 14 days from the date you received your order to exchange or return it. We do not cover the freight costs of returns. It is solely the customer’s responsibility to send the products with track and trace number of the returned goods to for proof of shipment.


Shipping is complimentary on all exchanges, although customers outside the EU are responsible for taxes and duties. We are only able to offer size exchanges. If you wish to exchange your item for an alternative style, we suggest that you return it for a store credit and purchase the new item separately.


Items must be returned to us unused with all original labels still attached. If the returns do not meet our policy, we will contact you through by mail or phone to reach a solution.


When the product is well received and checked, we will confirm by mail and arrange a refund.


All returns must be made to the following address:


Trøjborggade 10
1757 KBH V